Clinic Management Software

    We are noticing that our hospitals are so busy nowadays especially reception having large queue for slip so for solving that problem we made this program that makes your clinic smarter, efficient and effective .Clinic management software is a program used in many clinics nowadays to handle the front office and back office task like computerized appointment, easy check in and check out, patient profile, patient management, accounting, billing, task management etc. This program makes a drastic change in the medical field.

    Our clinic management program is cloud-based with multi-stage efficiency and works on different screen sizes. Once you get experienced with this program, your efficiency is likely to raise. We have made this program ideal, that have the ability to perform various operations. It is used to design precise description to keep finance in an organized way. A reporting section which let you study data on reviews, appointments and more to help you figure out where is the problem and focusing on improvement of your day to day operation.

    Data security is our topmost priority. Our program gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure. The program not only takes care of you as a virtual partner from beginning to end but also expected to improve excellence and make your work smarter. Your financial data along with the record of patients and other data type are kept secure with the frequent offside backup that makes secure your safety and security. We have made this program to run a clinic in a smarter way to get ahead of your competition.

    By using this program your doctor deal with more patients in less time. E-prescribing allows your doctor to quickly prescribe medicine to your patient by some clicking or tapping. Physician type drug and simply choose one that fits, instruction for use of patent record also simplified, so you can also type your own instruction. The software also allows a doctor to refer to another surgeon.

    Online patient registration and other helpful process make it easy to manage registered and non-registered patient because registered patient details can be fetched out easily by just knowing a single detail like email, patient id, name etc. Registered patient do not need to bring old documents and prescription because of all data stored in their profile. The doctor can find the wealth of information from a patient profile like medical history, appointment history, allergies, medication, address, etc. Staff sends prescription of patients to the preferred pharmacy so patient easily gets medicine from that pharmacy.

    Staff can also sort the list of appointments which speeds up your complex workflow. Appointments simply approved by the staff member and system are automatically stored in Doctor's record too. We also provide good customer service and support with a free demo so you can check our services free of cost.